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Saturday, 19 september 2020
Social sphere / Bakytty Otbasy

“Bakytty otbasy”: in Almaty, there has been elaborated a city program for all-inclusive support of low-income large families

During the annual meeting with the population, the governor of Almaty, Bauyrzhan Baybek presented the Bakytty Otbasy program to support low-income large families, which had 13 specific measures in 7 directions. Among them were: preferential mortgage, retraining and employment, scholarships and free kindergardens, an increase in lump-sum payments from the local budget.

1. Mother Center

Creation of the city center for mothers with many children “Bakytty otbasy”, where, according to the principle of one window, legal and psychological counseling and rehabilitation assistance will be provided. Here mothers of many children themselves can be employed. For the convenience of mothers, a mini-kindergarden will be organized in the center.

2. The special social housing program "Bakytty otbasy"

Since out of 1,276 large and incomplete families in the queue, many do not have the funds to pay the down payment, housing certificates amounting to 1 million tenge will be allocated from the city budget. The down payment will be 10% of the apartment price, the rate - 2% for 18 years.

At the same time, only small-sized apartments in newly built houses with a value of no more than 15 millions tenge will be credited. This year more than 500 such apartments in Alatau and Nauryzbay districts are expected to be given. In addition, there are reserves for new construction on the site of old housing. In the period of five years, 23 thousand apartments are planned to be built on a public-private partnership.

3. Employment

On the instructions of the Head of State, the Enbek program is being realized in the republic. Those who could not find a job, do not have a profession and experience, help employment centers. Last year 32 thousand people were employed.

Employers from the local budget receive grants for the payment of salaries in the amount of 63 thousands tenge per person. Last year 4200 people were sent to social work, another 1300 were sent to youth practice.

This year, by the Bakutyty otbasy program, the amount of funds will be increased by 30% to 2,300 people, 1,200 of them are graduates of universities and colleges with a priority for large families. In addition, female entrepreneurship will be actively supported.

4. Education

By the program “Bakytty otbasy” for low-income families in Almaty, starting from the second child, the kindergarden will be free.

Scholarships will be paid to excellent students from low-income families. This will stimulate the pursuit of knowledge. Students of universities and colleges - 10 thousand per month, schoolchildren - 5 thousand tenge.

5. Annual social payments

The budget of the city of Almaty for 2019 provides for the provision of 11 social payments of a permanent nature for 2 billions tenge, with coverage of 24 thousand people.

Thus, monthly housing assistance is paid for low-income utilities. If earlier it was received by more than 2,600 families, then by this program, the amount of the payment will be doubled, with an increase in coverage of another 30%.

Targeted social assistance for reimbursement of expenses for home-study for disabled children will be increased.

6. Lump sum payments.

To support people in difficult life situations, lump sum payments are made. These are those who have lost a breadwinner, got a disability, suffered from violence, fire, water logging or other emergency situations. During the year, 4.3 thousands people received such assistance. Since this year, the size of payments has been increased by 2 times - from 25 to 50.5 thousands tenge.

In addition, payments to the poor will be increased by 70% for the installation of individual metering devices for hot and cold water supply.

7. Charitable assistance of Almaty residents

The creation by the businessmen of the city of the Public Fund “Bakytty otbasy - Almaty”.

In general, under the “Bakytty otbasy” program, social support will total more than 7,000 people. 1276 families will have the opportunity to purchase apartments at a preferential mortgage program. 2 thousand people will be trained, an additional 2300 people will get a job. At least 710 children will go to kindergarden for free, 1950 schoolchildren, 385 college students, 1461 university students will receive scholarships and assistance.

It should be mentioned that earlier Bauyrzhan Baybek suggested refusing a number of non-priority expenses in Almaty. At the same time, the savings will be distributed according to social priorities, determined on the basis of citizens' appeals. This, as a rule, is the creation of new jobs, the expansion of the range of support for socially vulnerable groups of the population, first of all, mothers of many children, the solution of other social problems.

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