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Saturday, 19 september 2020
Society / Housing commission of the Almaty’s executive committee

The housing commission of the Almaty city.

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Housing Relations", a housing commission of the city has been established.

The working department of the housing commission is CSA "Housing Management and Housing Inspection of the Almaty city".

The main task of the Housing Commission is the consideration of questions a housing provision from a public (communal) housing fund or a home rented by a local executive department in the private housing stock or a privatization of accommodation from the public housing stock.

The staff of the housing commission of the Almaty’s executive committee:

1. Taufikov Rumil Taufikovich - Deputy governor of the city of Almaty, chairman of the commission.

2. Nurkadilov Kairat Zamanbekovich - Head of housing and housing inspection department of the Almaty city, deputy chairman of the commission,

3. Maimakov Rabandiyar Maimakovich - Deputy Head of the Economy and Budget Planning Department of Almaty,

4. Pichugina Nina Pavlovna - Deputy Head of the Finance Department of Almaty,

5. Myrzabekova Gulnur Tegiskyzy - Chief specialist of the state and legal department of the apparatus of the governor of the Almaty city.

6. Musabaeva Alua Abutalipovna - deputy of the maslikhat of the city of Almaty,

7. Tulinova Irina Ivanovna - a columnist for the newspaper "Evening Almaty".

Sunkarbaeva Rabiga Tulebaevna - head of the housing sales department for mortgage lending to the housing and housing Inspection of Almaty, secretary of the commission.

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