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Saturday, 19 september 2020
Society / Civil society

Brief information about the non-governmental sector of Almaty.

Today, according to the statistics in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the number of non-governmental organizations are about 20 thousands. According to the information of the justice department, there are 5 863 NGOs among them in Almaty.

Therefore, the most active NGOs in Kazakhstan are located in Almaty. One of the main factors that can be mentioned is the concentration of republican and international public organizations in Almaty, as well as representative offices of foreign funds, which are active in the activities of NGOs.

In the sphere of activity, the third sector of the city of Almaty has a wide variety of NGOs. Thus, 321 NGOs fulfill their activities in the field of right’s protection, legal interests, citizens and organizations. At the same time, NGOs are doing their work in the field of boosting youth initiatives and children's creativity (298), protecting the citizen’s health, promoting the healthy lifestyles (289) and supporting socially weak segments of the population (269).

In addition, NGOs are active in the field of gender policy and demography (129), in education and science (127),in environmental protection and ecology (149), in culture and art development of (130), the state language.

It should be noted that the sphere of activity of the non-governmental sector is mainly concentrated in the direction of the state social order given in the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On State Social Order, Grants and Prizes for Non-Governmental Organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan".

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