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Saturday, 19 september 2020
Social sphere / Realization of the nation’s plan "100 specific steps"


Realization of the nation’s plan "100 specific steps"

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the Plan of activities for the tasks realization in the field of land relations’ regulation in the framework of land reform for 2017-2021 is working on the draft of a bill for the improvement of land legislation.

On November 9 in this year, a public debate was over the innovations of Land Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding to the rational use issues of agricultural land.

Amendments and additions are made to the Land Code for the legislative regulation’s purpose of the proposals of Land Reform Commission to improve the norms of land legislation. It postulates the following norms:

First, the preservation and improvement of the renting institution of agricultural land for citizens and for non-state legal entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan without foreign participation.

Taking into an account the current tenants interests and the situation of those who are interested in obtaining agricultural land for agriculture, it is proposed to improve the norms for the leasing institute development. To regulate this question, it is proposed to introduce a new article regulating the exact procedure for granting agricultural land leasing through a tender.

Norms of the land plots list submitted for the competition will be established in this article. The procedure of holding the tender, the composition of the competitive commission, its rules, the requirements for participation in the tender, the content of the bid, the reasons for the refusal, the criteria for identifying the winner, an appealing for their results, the circumstances, the local executive organ’s actions’ sequence whose competence includes the issues of the tender and the person interested in the competition’ participation.

For efficient and rational land’s usage, a compulsory requisition for the participation in the contest will be the presentation of a participant’s competitive tender offer including: a business plan for managing agricultural production, the obligations to fulfill indicative indicators for diversifying the structure of crops cultivated areas in accordance with the specialization of the region, drafting and mastering on-farm land management project, the infrastructure develop measures, creating jobs for the local population, a compliance with the requirements of land legislation.

The rent treaty of the land plot will include the obligations and the intentions proposed by the tenant in the tender offer.

Secondly, the legislation is covered a regular monitoring in order to control the rational use of the granted land: the first 5 years of rent - annually, in the following periods on the irrigated arable lands every 3 years, on the rain -fed land every 5 years.

The order of monitoring will be established by the Ministry of Agriculture and implemented by the commission consisting of the representatives of land relations, the agriculture, the public organizations and associations, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

The monitoring results will serve as the basis for extending the lease term of the land plot.

Thirdly, in order to exclude the provision of large areas of agricultural land in "one hand", the Legislation is covered the ascertainment of maximum sizes of agricultural land plots that can be rented by Kazakhstan people within the administrative districts (cities) of each region by land type.

At the same time, the provision of agricultural land in "one hand" in several districts of the region, or in several areas will be possible only on condition that the total area of ​​ provided land should not exceed the maximum size established in the republic.

Fourthly, the regulation of the usage of pasture lands for the needs of the population.

The draft law is provided by the norms in order to solve the problems with the lack of grazing land for cattle grazing in the rural population. According to it, there will be identified the areas of pastures needed to be used for the population needs of maintaining their own settlement.

There will be a prohibition in these territories for its usage in land use to individuals and legal entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Also, in order to strengthen state control over land use, the draft law covers the transfer of the state control over the rational use of agricultural land to the competence of district executive branches.

Additionally, we highlight that the work on improving land legislation by the central authorized organ will be continued by the participation of local executive bodies.

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