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Sunday, 20 september 2020
Social sphere / Culture

Almaty is one of the modern and the largest perspective cities in Central Asia. It is an educational, a scientific, a cultural, a financial, an industrial-innovative, a transport, a trade-logistical, a sport and a tourist center of Kazakhstan. In spite of the transfer of the capital, the city remains as the cultural center of the country generating new ideas and trend-setting for modern development.

There are more than two hundred cultural institutions in the city, including the museums, the theaters, the art galleries, the philharmonic halls, the concert halls, the libraries and the others. Besides it, there are 136 monuments of history and culture.

Almaty is always in the center of important economic and social events. There takes place the various international festivals, the cultural forums and the competitions dedicated to different types of art and genres an every year. Thus, in the 38th session of the UNESCO General Conference it was accepted to include the 1000th anniversary of Almaty city in the Calendar of UNESCO's anniversary and memorable dates for 2016 years.

Holding the anniversary events dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of Almaty will be an additional factor for increasing the recognition of the city in the world as a modern attractive and a comfortable metropolis for living with a unique original culture and an ancient history.

Detailed information about the city's events on the official website www.almatymadeniet.kz

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