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Saturday, 19 september 2020
Urban economy / A veterinary center of almaty

KGP on PHV "Veterinary Center of Almaty"

Located at: Tole bi 155, Baizakova street. insulator: st.Spasskaya 150/1 321-00-02 8727-269-90-06 mail: centr_veterinarii@mail.ru

The main functions of the enterprise are:

- carrying out veterinary measures against particularly dangerous, non-contagious and enzootic animal diseases;

- identification of farm animals;

- provision of services for artificial insemination of farm animals;

- provision of transportation (delivery) services, storage of veterinary drugs against especially dangerous and enzootic animal diseases, as well as transportation (delivery) of products (facilities) and attributes for identification of farm animals;

- the maintenance of cattle cemeteries (biothermal pits), slaughter sites (slaughtering areas for farm animals), the construction of which is organized by local executive bodies of the relevant administrative-territorial units;

- issue of veterinary certificate;

- maintenance of a database on identification of farm animals and issuance of extracts from it;

- Sampling of biological material and their delivery to the veterinary laboratory;

- rendering services for transportation of sick animals to sanitary slaughter;

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