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Wednesday, 25 november 2020
Urban economy / Electricity

In Almaty the construction of the energy ring of the city has finished .It’s the largest energy project over the years of independence

On December 13, 2013, a new electrical substation "Besagash" was put into operation. Thus, in Almaty the project on creation of an energy ring 220 kV around the megacity has been completed. Over the past five years, 29 substations were built in the city, 300 km of networks were constructed annually, and 15 km new electricity networks were built .

The mayor noted that the new "ring" will not only increase the energy supply of Almaty and its environs, but it also gives a new impetus to the development of the city's economy.

"The city's energy ring has been created today by the implementation of this project, , which makes it possible to provide the city with a stable supply of electricity for the next 20-25 years. This makes it possible to open the new production facilities in the north-eastern part of Almaty and adjacent areas of the Almaty region. Before we could not provide electric power for the opening of new production facilities, today this issue has been completely removed, "Akhmetzhan Yesimov said.

220/110/10-10 kV Substation Besagash is a semi-enclosed substation with an installed capacity of 500 MVA and is located in the Talgar District near the settlement of Besagash, near Almaty.

The electrical equipment of Western and domestic manufacturers installed at 220/110 / 10-10 kV "Besagash" is manufactured by using the most modern technologies used in the world electric power industry. Connection of 220/110 / 10-10 kV "Besagash" to the electrical networks of Almaty city was performed by constructing the approach and exit of the VL-220 kV overhead line from Besagash substation to Alma substation and from Besagash substation to Robot substation.

To ensure the reliability of power supply, two chain cable line SS Besagash - SS "Yermensay" is made with a 220 kV power cable. The length of the 220 kV transmission line of the SS Besagash-ATEC-3 is 54.3 km, including cable entries at the SS Besagash - 1,464 km.

To construct the 220 kV ring around Almaty, the construction of a 220 kV cable line was completed at Besagash Substation - Ermensay Substation. The length of it is about

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