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Saturday, 19 september 2020
Urban economy / Ecology

Information on the implementation of measures to improve the environmental situation in Almaty and also taking into consideration the use of foreign experience of megacity

For protection of atmospheric air:

1) gasification of the private residential sector and thermal power engineering are being done:

- about 80 km of gas networks were built for the total amount of 1 billion tenge;

- CHPP-1 fully operates on natural gas;

-15 autonomous boilers of education and health institutions were transferred to natural gas in Alatau and Auezov districts;

- for the uninterrupted gas supply of Almaty city, 28 km of a bypass gas pipeline was built in the eastern part of the city in 1014-1015 years as a part of the project realization in carrying out the GDS-2 power into practice .

- the second stage of the project for laying the pipes of the gas pipeline from AGDS to the Western thermal complex is underway. Nowadays 16 km of the gas pipeline was built ( in 2014-2015 years) ,the approximate completion date is August 2016.

2) measures are taken to green the public passengers transport and the municipal transport in the framework of the transport strategy realization:

- On April 18, 2015, another 2 stations of the Almaty metro were put into operation: Moscow and Sairan at the intersection of Abai Avenue and Tlendiev Street . There are 7 trains of subway cars, passenger traffic has increased to 40,000 people per day (in 2014 was 24 thousand people a day). 3.7 milliards tenge allocated from the local budget to operate the subway in 2015.

As part of the construction of the second start-up complex of the second stage of the first metro line (in 2017-2019), works are being carried out for the purchase and withdrawal of land plots. The route will pass under the carriageway of Abay avenue in the western direction from Altynsarin Ave. to ul. Yassaui (station "Saryarka" deep foundation and station "Dostyk" shallow);

- trolley bus routes have been optimized, instead of 11 there are 8 trolleybus routes, they are served by 176 trolley buses (out of 215 on the balance sheet). By reason of traffic accidents with the trams, as well as the unsatisfactory state of the roads, their exploitation have been stopped temporarily.

-400 CNG taxies have been bought and given to a private carrier "Eco-Taxi" for serving the population.

- 33 units of communal special equipments are working in a compressed gas at the SUC "Almaty Tazalyk" ;

- 13 ecological posts operate on control of toxicity and smoke emissions of the motor vehicles at the entrances to the city from January 15, 2013. 34,557 drivers of motor vehicles (including urban ones - 10211 and non-residents - 24346, again-2333) were brought to an administrative responsibility for violation of the norms of toxicity and smokiness in 2015 years and the administrative fines were imposed for a total of 146,333,042 tenge . 95,929,973 tenge were exacted ( taking into account past years); According to the adopted mechanisms of interaction the showing was sent to the special environmental protection procuracy.

3) Within the framework of the Public Passenger Infrastructure Development Program:

- elaborated a design estimate for the construction of a new communal bus fleet and received a state expert opinion. In connection with the economic situation and the lack of financing the construction, it was suspended;

- Construction of 3 new bus stations with car parks up to 5000 cars each is planned at the city's borders: "Western" - north of Rayymbek Ave. at corner of Auezov (Kalkaman microdistrict); "Vostochny" - on the Kuldzhinsky highway to the east of Ryskulov Avenue, opposite the "Jet Işu" market; "North" - to the west of the Kapchagai highway. The feasibility study of the project "Construction of the bus station" Zapadniy " have been developed in the Alatau district of Almaty city and a state expert examination has been obtained and also the investors are being searched for the project. A feasibility study is being prepared for the construction of “ Vostochny” bus stations;

- due to the local budget (250 million tenge), a feasibility study of the light rail project (LRT) was developed in 2014, and a state expert opinion was obtained. The route is identified: the western bus station (north of the Kalkaman microdistrict) - Raiymbek-st. Momyshuly-st. Tole bi - st.Panfilov - st.Makataev - st.Zhetysuskaya. Also, according to the approved scheme, st. Panfilov from st.Tole bi to st.Makataev is defined as a pedestrian zone for creating the population amenities and improving the city ecology.


By the support of the EBRD and the United Nations Development Program, options are being considered for financing this project on the principles of PPP (public-private partnership);

- work is under process for creation of a single automated parking system in Almaty city. Onthe street Northern Ring, on the adjacent territories of trade markets, 9 parking lots of parking area for 2797 cars have been organized and put into operation. The operating organization LLP "Almaty XXI Century" (parking lots for 600 cars with a total area of ​​ 3.5578 hectares) has transferred 9,963,000 tenge to the local budget from July 2014 to December 2015

- Proposals are being devised for improving the system of paid parking in Almaty city including the organization of a unified management system for paid parking in Almaty city. Prior to the adoption of a unified system, the payment was canceled in municipal street parking.

The search for investors and proposals for the construction of multi-level parking lots are being conducted

4) optimization of public transport schemes and the creation of pedestrian areas and bicycle paths:

- for the purpose of unimpeded traffic and increasing the speed of public transport and optimizing the number of personal vehicles on the roads, special stripes for (on Abay Avenue, the Northern Ring) have been made for buses and trolleybuses since June 15, 2015;

- By the decree of the mayor of Almaty No. 1/194 of February 17, 2015, 149,600 thousands tenge were allocated for the elaboration of a technical-economic grounding "Construction of a high-speed bus transportation system in Almaty".

The pilot corridor has been selected: Orbita Street - Mustafin Street - Suleimenov Street - Zhandosov Street - Timiryazev Street - Zheltoksan Street - Kabanbai Batyr Street - Kaldayakov Street - Tolebi Street - VOAD - East Bus Station. Within the framework of the GEF-UNDP "Sustainable Transport of Almaty" program, a pre-feasibility study for the development of "High-speed public transport via the SAP system" (the movement of buses along specially allocated lanes) was developed. The feasibility study is being operated. The project is planned for 2017-2018;

- options have been elaborated for imposing restrictions on traffic in the central part of the city. In accordance with the recommendations of J. Gale, 9 pedestrian zones with bicycle paths and sports simulators are organized in all districts of the city with landscaping. The total length of bicycle paths in Almaty is more than 24 km, including: in the central part of the city along the Abay avenue - 2.4 km, along the streets Dostyk-Zholdasbekov-Satpaev-Dostyk-2.4 km. In the central park of culture and rest 2.6 km of bicycle paths are organized. There are made 11.7km along the Momushuly st., 3km Ryskulov av. and the road for 1.1 km along the BAK.

There is being installed the bike parks by attracting business structures and public unions. There are about 120 bicycle parks with a total content of 700-900 bike places including two automated rental places at the B. Sholak Sports Palace (14 seats) and at the adjacent of Abay and Abylay Khan avenues (for 16 places). In future there will be a stepwise expanded nets of hire places till 200 places.

By the means of involved sponsors, more than 110 children's sports and playgrounds were established for over 700millions tenge in the territory of public lands and in the inner yard territories. 70 % of them are in the adjacent territories and in the lower parts of the city.

For procuring the sanitary maintenance and an improvement of the city territory:

By ruling the wastes: the technical economic grounding of “Waste guidance project in Almaty city” is being revised by the consultant of COWI company. It’s made by realization the consent between the Almaty city’s executive committee and EBRD.

- It is planned to build a plant for processing the solid waste with a capacity of 300 thousand tons a year and of it’s further increase; Plant will be in the aeration stationof sewagetreatment facilities of Almaty city.There will be combined processing of 360 thousand tons of sludge waste of WWTP obtaining biogas and electricity.Consultants continue to clarify the financial part of the project for subsequent ensure of socially balanced tariff policy for the provision of garbage disposal services . The estimated cost of the project is over 7.9 billions tenge. Based on the adjustments received, an investment proposal will be formed to search for investors. Different kinds of projects are considered.

- in the framework of hazardous waste management, a pilot project was implemented to collect the useless mercury-containing lamps and appliances from citizens in 10 places, i.e. special containers for collection of hazardous wastes are installed in front of the COA. "Almatyekologogo" SUC collected more than 100 thousand lamps (including 3000 lamps from the population ) and hprocessed 80520 mercury-containing lamps. 2.1 kg of mercury has stored safely .

LLP "Synap +" concluded 223 agreements with legal entities, processed 376 thousand lamps and over 60 thermometers. It is aimed at processing to Russia about 300 kg of previously accumulated mercury, in safe storage is 27 kg.

In the pilot regime with the involvement of NPO and SMP, the collection of plastic waste from the population started with the installation of special containers at container places in Medeu and Auezov districts. For 3 months, "Asia - Util" LLP collected more than 6 tons of plastic waste directed for processing in LLP "Ordarecyling";

- By the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises in the pilot regime, the collection of plastic waste from the population has begun with the installation of special containers at container sites;

- For giving Almaty its image , a unified concept for the improvement of the city's territory is being developed. Within the framework of the project, the reconstruction of key city facilities with the use of modern technologies of electric lighting (illumination) is called for. Design regulations for the small architectural forms in a single style will be adopted;

- on the principles of energy and water reservation, drip watering has been installed on installations with vertical flower-decorative landscaping (on 4 large structures with a height of over 7 m, on 3 structures up to 2 m high). Development of design estimates for the construction of automated irrigation systems is underway; Elaboration of the feasibility study documentation of automated watering system is on process

- under the project "Modernization of street lighting in Almaty (replacement of existing sodium lamps with energy-saving LED lamps)": on June 10, 2014, a loan agreement was signed for 34 million dollars between Almaty city’s executive commitee , KGP "Almaty Kala Jaryk" and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Noadays , cooperatively with the EBRD, investors are being searched for the modernization of street lighting. In April 2015, a Grant Agreement was signed between the EBRD and the PCG for the Almaty Kala Jaryk (ACW) and the Consultation Agreement between the ACW and TynrichCoLtd (Taiwan), a procurement consultant and tender support.

The EBRD made a procedure of a beforehand qualification of tender participants for the project. In future, the EBRD website will announce a tender for potential suppliers of equipment for street lighting modernization in Almaty.

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