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Monday, 19 february 2018
A new center of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine IVF has opened in Almaty
08 september 2017

A new center "IVF" of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine has been opened in Almaty, where infertility is treated by the help of the latest technologies in the field of medicine. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment, thanks to which high-tech medical care is provided at the level of world standards.

According to the director of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine Tamara Dzhusubaliyeva, the demand for qualitative medical services is growing in Kazakhstan, while the medical services rendered by the clinic are not inferior to foreign analogues at the lowest cost. According to her, the influx of foreigners into Kazakhstan is due to the high medical tourism due to the loyalty of the laws of Kazakhstan, the high qualification of doctors and the availability of modern equipment. So, for two years the number of patients arrived to Almaty from Turkey, China, Germany, Russia, etc. has increased at times. Only 75 patients have come from the USA for medical tourism to the Institute of Reproductive Medicine.

A striking example is the 43-year-old American Vera Smiff, who became pregnant due to the effective treatment of Kazakhstani doctors. Before this, the couple attempted to have the baby with in vitro fertilization three times. This procedure in America costs about 20 thousand dollars.

"I managed to get pregnant in Kazakhstan. I want to cry with happiness, I feel myself in the seventh heaven with happiness. I believe that medical tourism in Kazakhstan, and in particular in Almaty, has a great future. The difference in prices for these services is very large in comparison with America. I think that the experience and qualifications of doctors in Kazakhstan at a high level in order to have a great future, and especially for the development of medical tourism. I really like being in Almaty, I like local cuisine, tasty and fresh food. In a word, I'm comfortable here and it's nice to be here," said Vera Smiff, an American.

In the course of acquaintance with the work of the new clinic the Almaty city’s governor Bauyrzhan Baibek noted that the Almaty Development Program up to 2020 envisages a large complex of measures for the development of the city's healthcare system and medical tourism.

"Today Almaty is interesting for domestic and foreign investors who work in the field of health. The opening of the clinic by the Institute of Reproductive Medicine is a vivid example of the development of medical tourism in our city," he said.

Director of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine Tamara Dzhusubaliyeva also told the head of the city that in a year the clinic can accept up to 3 thousand families. However, not everyone has the opportunity to receive timely medical assistance for in vitro fertilization. For example, in Almaty, about 300 families do not have the opportunity to find the necessary funds and stand in line for several years. Bauryzhan Baibek instructed to find funds from the city to organize medical care for 300 Almaty families, and to help with the land for the construction of a new maternity home for women who became pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

The new clinic employs 60 people, and the pride of the medical institution is the doctor gynecologist-reproductologist Lyazzat Aitkozhina, who at an early stage reveals genetic diseases in the embryo. It should be noted that Lyazzat Aitkozhina has 13 years of experience and is a participant in the republican project "100 New Persons of Kazakhstan".

The new clinic is built taking into account the world requirements. The peculiarity of the clinic is that the operating unit and embryology laboratory, where a new life is born, are made in the form of "clean rooms", completely isolated from the rest of the clinic with ventilation and microclimate maintenance system, providing sterile air of constant temperature and humidity.

Wall covering is made of metal panels to maintain sterility. Such a system in "clean rooms" allows obtaining high and stable clinical results and avoiding dust and microbial contamination of cultured embryos, which at times increases the effectiveness of treatment.

In addition, the clinic is equipped with the latest equipment. Embryology laboratory installed Planer incubators (UK) and ESCO MIRI (Singapore) with six built-in incubators for continuous embryo cultivation, which increases their quality. The latest generation incubator "Time - Lapse ESCO" has been installed, which has made a real revolution in reproductive medicine, thanks to the built - in camera, to observe the development of the embryo in real time from the first day of life and to select the best embryo for replanting.

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