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Monday, 19 february 2018
The Almaty city’s planning council has approved a number of projects
06 september 2017

The Almaty city’s planning council has approved the projects of three multi-apartment residential complexes and a multifunctional complex of the institute of PE & IT KBTU. The building of three residential complexes will involve the investments of 19 billions tenge and it will create about a thousand jobs and two preschool institutions for 120 places.

While checking the projects, special attention was paid to the number of parking spaces for cars, the quality of exterior materials,a night lighting of building facades, the access conditions for low-mobile groups, the landscaping areas, etc.

In the Bostandyk area, i.e. the west of Radostovets street to the north of Kozhabekov, building of two 14-storey buildings combined in a single architectural ensemble will begin. The territory of the complex is designed by a landscaping and a landscaping with the zoning areas for a quiet holiday, a playground and the small architectural forms. The duration period is 16 months.

In md. Kairat in Turksib District will be a residential complex with a shopping center. The project provides for eleven 9-storey residential buildings, an underground parking for 200 places and a children's preschool. The project’s realisation period is 36 months. The residential buildings of the complex will be located perpendicularly to Ryskulov Avenue, the investor will donate a highway bridge through the Big Almaty Canal, which will provide a convenient transportation for residents and emergency services of the city.

In addition, in Almaly district a residential complex will be built on the Nauryzbay batyr street, consisting of 3 sections of 12 floors. The complex has the premises for commercial purposes and a detached underground parking with the organization of the yard space for parking in the form of roofs.

Also, the Town Planning Council of Almaty had under consideration a long-term realization project for the creation of a multifunctional complex of the PE & IT KBTU with the additional buildings and the facilities in microdistrict "Alatau".

The area of 30 hectares located on the territory of FEZ "PIT" is conditionally divided into two parts: The training and training ground located adjacently to the scientific and the production area of the complex and the territory of the multifunctional complex of the institute. It includes an educational and an administrative building,a multimedia center, a dining room,a student center,a research laboratory, etc. The cost of the project is 118.9 billions tenge. The building period is 52 months.

It is worthy to note that while having under consideration the construction of residential complexes at the City Planning Council of the city, special attention is paid to schools and kindergartens. Over the past 2 years, it was decided at the expense of investors to build 54 kindergartens for 7,000 seats. 24 kindergartens for 3 thousand places will be transferred to communal property. Thanks to this, the budget saved almost 24 billions tenge.

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