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July 8. The Mayor’s Administration of Almaty to implement additional anti-crisis measures

July 8. The Mayor’s Administration of Almaty to implement additional anti-crisis measures

Today the regular session of Maslikhat has taken place in Almaty, where the budget of Almaty for 2016 has been revised.

In addition to previously allocated funds, it was proposed to allocate 13 billion 122 million 414 thousand KZT from the city budget for the implementation of 7 priorities of the “Program of development of Almaty-2020”, as well as for solving existing problems.

Special attention was paid to the increase in jobs in the effort to extend the city budget.

“In general, the Government of Kazakhstan on behalf of the President of the country N.A. Nazarbayev is taking measures to increase public investment in order to stimulate economic growth. Two important priorities are the preservation and creation of new jobs and ensuring of incomes of the population”, - the Mayor said.

While making amendments to the budget, social needs of citizens were focused on, too.

“As you know, recent rainfall helped us to identify problem areas in irrigation ditch system of the city, 50% of which is in poor condition. Therefore, the first priority of the programs “Development of Almaty-2020” and “Comfortable city” in the area of “Clean environment” is current repair of 18.2 km of irrigation ditches in the amount of more than 495 million KZT, and to develop design estimates for the construction of 194 km and reconstruction of 72 km of the irrigation ditches in the amount of 95,4 million KZT mainly in the newly added areas of the city that would exclude further possible flooding during heavy rainfall and would create comfortable conditions for our citizens”, - the Head of Department of economy and budget planning Maksat Kikimov noted in his report.

The Mayor stressed that the development of the irrigation ditch network in Almaty is a priority, especially in the new territories.

“Heavy rains have revealed a number of problems. A lot of work has been done on inventory of the existing ditch network and identification of the most problematic areas; they are the priority now. In addition to the current renovation, we need to develop design estimate documentation for construction and reconstruction of the irrigation ditch network in the newly added areas in the Alatau and Nauryzbay districts, where there has been no such infrastructure before, so we need a systematic response to this issue”, - the Mayor Bauyrzhan Baybek said.

In order to improve the attendance of parks and gardens and to create the conditions for people's recreation, it is is planned to allocate 303.4 million KZT for maintenance of 38 parks and gardens. 37.4 million KZT were allocated for construction of a new cemetery on a marked land area of 92 hectares in the district of “Duman”, as well as 29.8 million KZT for planting 3 045 shrubs along the Eastern by-pass road.

In addition, the installation of benches, bins and equipment for children's playgrounds, as well as the maintenance of 290 yard areas in six districts of the city are planned; 2 030 million KZT have been allocated for these purposes. Also, in the framework of this direction, 1.2 billion KZT are planned for allocation with the purpose of modernization and construction of new street lighting network.

In the framework of the priority “Socially-oriented City”, 3 billion 788 million KZT have been allocated for the development of the social sphere. It is also planned to allocate 1.6 billion KZT for health care: in particular, for the supply of medication for special categories of people and cancer patients.

721.2 million KZT are allocated for the development of education, in particular: the implementation of the improved way of education supporting, the increase of the state educational order for the personnel training, the support of additional groups in nursery gardens.

139.6 million KZT are allocated for social services of individual assistance, current repair of building ventilation systems in the House of veterans and payment for the “Invataxi” services.

In addition, suppliers have increased gas prices, which consequently would lead to increase of tariffs for heating in 8.3% in the city. Hence, there is the need to support poor families in the form of targeted assistance funds from the local budget.

977.8 million KZT are allocated for strengthening the seismic stability of 2 schools, city polyclinic No.9 and the Mental Health Center with the construction of an extension to it. In the direction of “Reliable infrastructure, housing and communal services” in the field of energy and utilities it is planned to allocate more than 2.4 billion KZT, including: 1.3 billion KZT for the development of water supply and wastewater systems; the money will be spent on development of design estimate documentation of 2 objects and the construction of the discharge channel of the Kargaly River, as well as the construction and reconstruction of 6 sections. Development of design estimate documentation of 2 objects, construction and reconstruction of 6 sections, reconstruction of electric networks of the B. Sholak Palace of Sports and Culture, and heating for 43 houses in the Turksib district will need to allocate 220.7 million KZT. The completion of the construction of infrastructure of the Special Economic Zone “PIT” will need 242.2 million KZT. 542.5 million KZT are allocated for gasification of settlements. Currently, 95% of the population have access to gas supply networks. The allocation of these funds will allow constructing gas networks of the length of 39 km and connecting 794 households to these networks.

“Now we support the allocation of funds. We have a new “Yermensay” substation, which is loaded only in 17%, and we have a large project of transferring networks there. This is 30% of the city, which may be left without electricity. This is a very important and serious project, which will ensure the energy safety of our city”, - the Mayor of Almaty B. Baybek said.

In the framework of the priority of the Program “Safe City” in the direction of “Public Safety”, and on behalf of the President of Kazakhstan, as well as to strengthen security, prevent and respond to terrorist threats 736.7 million KZT were allocated for the purchase of collapsible structures such as barracks in order to accommodate 75 employees of special forces for rapid response, material and technical outfit for law enforcement officers; 63,8 million KZT were allocated for emergency warning, in particular: for the purchase of 10 pumps with diesel engine for contaminated water in order to conduct preventive work to decrease the level of morainal lakes.

In addition, it is planned to allocate extra 695.8 million KZT for the Universiade-2017, including: for the purchase of snow generators in the amount of 25 items (450 million KZT); the provision of tight security and the procurement of portable explosive detectors (222.5 million KZT); the installation of navigation signs (signboards and guide-boards) using the icons in compliance with FISU (55.2 million KZT).

Thus, the budget of the city of Almaty for 2016 comprised 382 billion 304 million 308.2 thousand KZT.

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