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July 5. Nauryzbay district of Almaty celebrated 2 years of its foundation

July 5. Nauryzbay district of Almaty celebrated 2 years of its foundation

On July 2, 2014,according to the Order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev, the decree of the Almaty Mayor’s Administration and the decision of the XXIX session of the maslikhat of Almaty “Onfoundation of theNauryzbay district and establishing the boundaries of the city of Almaty” were signed.

This year about 40 billion KZT have been allocated on the development of the Nauryzbay district. Drilling of two new wells and repair of 2 existing wells in the Tausamalymicro-districtwere done.

According to the projectfor 2014 - 2016,a new construction of water supply of 7.5 km long and sewerage networks of 5.5 km long are being builtin the Kalkamanmicro-districts - 1, 2, 3, 4, and Alty-Alash. 80% of construction has been done as of today. The project documentation on construction of water intake facility and water treatment plant on the AksayRiver(with the length of 10 km)and the Kargalyriver(with the length of 10km) is developed, as well as the construction documents forthe water supply trunk of 62.1 kmand sewerage networks of 44,8 kmin the Shugyla, Tastybulak, Tauzholy, Tausamaly, Kuramys, Kargaly, Zhaylaumicro-districts.

51 electric poles and 2880 m of electric power line have been replaced in the Nadyrova, Makatayeva, Seifullina, Tazhiyeva St.of the Karagailymicro-district;in the KaribayakynSt.ofthe Kargalymicro-district;in the RyskulovaSt. of the Tausamalymicro-district.

As of today, the overhaul and current repairs of equipment and overhead lines of 10/0,4 kV have been done together with the RES-3.

Average repair of thestreet and road networks in 69 streets of total length of 44.4 kmwas donein the district.Also, the repair of three main streets (Groza, Ryskulova, and Aksayskaya St. (upper track)) wasstarted.

In order to eliminate areas of flooding, 1545 m of the irrigation ditches have been repaired. Since the foundation of the district, floral decoration of total area of 7 500 m2has been carried out. Two squareshave beenimproved, too.

At the moment, the work on the construction of the Mayor’s Administrationbuilding and the Department of Internal Affairs of the Nauryzbay district is done, as well as the construction of the building complex for public authorities (the Prosecutor's office, the Public Service Center, the Court, the Department of State Revenues, etc.) totaling 6 billion 874 million KZT. The construction of a polyclinic for 200 visits per shift is done on the territory of city clinical hospital №7 at the expense of the local budget. The amount of allocated funds is 1 billion 410 million KZT (term of commissioning is 2016).

In addition, the construction of several social objects is done in the framework of the public-private partnerships.

In particular, a school for 1200 seats, a polyclinic for 500 visits per shift are built on the territory of 153 hectares, with the allocated funds of 3 billion 120 million KZT (term of commissioning is 2017). Moreover, an extension to school №157 for 900 seats is constructed,with the allocated fundsof 980 million KZT (term of commissioning is September 2016).

10 children’s playgrounds in the district were commissioned in the framework of the State and Private Partnership, as well as the construction work is done for 6 playgrounds additionally.

In order to prevent flooding of private houses and streets, shore protection works and landscapingare doneon the Kargaly River. 2 billion 351 million KZT were allocated for this purpose. The total length of the area from the dam to the ZhandosovaStreetis 7,708 km.

28 kindergartens for 1178 childrenhave been openedunder the program “Balapan”.

There are 600, or 0.9% of existing small and medium enterprises in the district. The incompleteness of the tax base negatively affects the revenues of the district.

Housing stock ofthe Nauryzbay district consists of 172 multi-storey buildings, 9 of them are dilapidated and needto be repaired. There are 15 thousand private houses in the area, which is 11% of the urban indicator.

We should remind that theNauryzbay region assimilated11 settlementsof the Almaty region, and the Kalkamanmicro-districts 1, 2, 3 from the Auezov district of Almaty. The district area is 6 967 hectares. More than 150 thousand peoplereside on the territory of the newly created administrative-territorial unit.

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