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July 2. The work on the reconstruction of the Kargaly channel has begun in Almaty

July 2. The work on the reconstruction of the Kargaly channel has begun in Almaty

The Mayor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek checked the works on strengthening the Kargaly River channel. The section of the channel to be reconstructed, with the length of 7.7 kilometers - from the dam to the Dzhandosova Street, - has been filled with reinforced concrete structures.

“The development of the reconstruction project considered best international practices. At the moment, the channel has been broadened and deepened; 35 000 m3 of mud-stone mass have been removed out of 75 000 m3 of soil; 7 bridges have been disassembled”, - the Head of the Nauryzbay district Sayran Sayfedenov reported.

The contractor has already started major operations, involving 72 professionals and 29 units of technical equipment; concrete is being filled in as well.

"According to the project, the water will pass through two gateways of the dam, then it will be divided into two streams and unite in one stream below. The stream itself will be lined with 30-cm reinforced concrete wall; the cascading changes for controlling the flow of water are provided, too. In addition, the technical road along the river is planned to be built, designed for easy operation, cleaning the riverbed, controlling the bottoms, and passing special equipment there", - “ACD Group” LLP Manager Seytkali Dusebayev said.

Along with this, in the framework of the social responsibility of business, the contractor is planning to work on aesthetic improvement of the river embankment and organization of the promenade area. “It is not stipulated by the project, but we want that the area adjacent to the river become a place of leisure for local residents, with benches, playgrounds, etc.", - S. Dusebayev added.

In his turn, the Mayor of the city drew the attention of responsible persons to the quality control and deadlines of the project.

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