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June 30. Businessmen will build a boarding house for children with cancer in Almaty

June 30. Businessmen will build a boarding house for children with cancer in Almaty

Today a Memorandum between the Mayor’s Administration of Almaty and “U-Partners” LLP has been signed; according to it, the construction of a boarding house for children with cancer and their parents will start in the city, based on the Scientific Center of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery.

The Mayor B. Baybek of Almaty noted the important social significance of the event and emphasized that the aim of the city Administration is to ensure economic growth and to raise the standards of living of the Almaty citizens.

“In these difficult economic conditions, we are trying to support entrepreneurs, NGOs, who in return conduct an active social policy. Such initiatives will contribute to improving public confidence in business and the authorities in general”, - the Mayor of Almaty said.

It should be noted that this social facility with an area of 3 thousand square meters is to meet the highest international standards and will be transferred to the state property after being put into operation. Currently, the project documentation is being developed.

“Children with cancer and their parents who come to Almaty from all over the country will need somewhere to stay in between the treatment procedures, but not everyone can afford it. So we decided to build a boarding house with all modern facilities and refined territory. I think the project will be implemented within 14 months”, - “U-Partners” Director General Zhanat Rakhmani said.

The Mayor of megalopolis expressed his gratitude to all businessmen who are currently building four schools, a clinic, 17 kindergartens, a sports complex, and other facilities in Almaty under the Public-private Partnership and the social responsibility of business.

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