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June 29. The reconstruction of the irrigation ditch network started in Almaty

June 29. The reconstruction of the irrigation ditch network started in Almaty

The meeting on development of the irrigation ditch network of the megalopolis under the chairmanship of the Mayor Bauyrzhan Baybek took place in Almaty. During the event, the Deputy Mayor Yerlan Aukenov reported that a complete inventory of the irrigation ditch network has been conducted for three months; this had never been done before.

"In order to solve current problems, this week the work has begun on the repair of 15 km of the irrigation ditches, as well as on the improvement of the Yessentai and Karasu Rivers - 9.1 km; those are the areas where flooding occurs in the lower parts of the city. In addition, the application for the design works will be made soon for 400 km of inventoried areas where there are no ditches or systems of drainage ( Nauryzbay and Alatau districts), and laying 276 km of the irrigation ditch system will be started next spring," - Ye. Aukenov said.

According to his information, a complete inventory will be done by the end of the year, as well as topographical survey, and digitization of the stormwater system; a map chart, the same as with the irrigation ditch system, will be created, too.

"After that, we will be able to determine what funds are necessary to bring it into compliance. This is important because the main function of the ditch network is watering green plantations. For example, permeability of one running meter of tray is 200 liters of water per second, and when abnormal atmospheric precipitates drop, this volume can make up to 500 liters; therefore, there may be certain problems without the stormwater system", - the Deputy Mayor said.

Also, on the instructions of the Mayor, a special service will be organized on the basis of the enterprise “Ecologostroy”; its main objective will be to check out the problem areas in order to clean ditches and stormwater systems. Currently, cleaning of 791 out of 853 km of irrigation ditches has been done in Almaty. The average daily number of involved workers is 173 people and that of special equipment is 41 units. In addition, to solve the problems of clogging up the irrigation ditch network, the Mayor’s Administration of city decided to install 3.5 thousand vandal-proof boxes in a traditional style until the end of November of this year; they will meet all international standards.

In addition, the reconstruction of the irrigation ditch network will create 1.5 thousand seasonal jobs, 30% of which will be involved with the help of the “State Employment Center”.

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