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June 25. The project on setting up a unified parking system was presented in Almaty

June 25. The project on setting up a unified parking system was presented in Almaty

Today the Mayor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek familiarized with the project on setting up a unified automated system of paid parking in the city. The Mayor inspected the system control center, and then he visited a pilot area of the paid parking, which is located in the “Zeleny Bazaar” on the Zenkova Street between the Zhibek Zholy Street and the Makatayeva Street.

B. Baybek at the meeting noted the high level of preparation of the project, which takes into account the experience of major cities in the world where the system of paid parking is used for organizing the parking of vehicles, the efficient use of the urban area, and creation of a comfortable environment for the residents. “The main objective of the paid parking is to reduce the load on the network of streets and roads. The money received from the project will be spent for development of the city transport system”, - B. Baybek said.

Besides, the Mayor noted that the systematic work for the paid parking development and opening throughout the city will help Almaty become a comfortable metropolis for both drivers and pedestrians. It should be noted that the City Development Program “Almaty-2020” considers a comfortable city as one of its priorities.

The pilot area has a parking space of 61 parking places having diagonal markings, road signs, information boards, and modern parking meters working on solar batteries. Parking spaces are managed by using a single, centralized system, which covers parking itself and the system of movement organization, interaction with public transport, and the vehicles evacuation services.

Every 15 minutes the pilot paid parking zone is checked by the inspectors of the “Almaty special technical parking service” with a device for automatic personal photofixation. The parked cars are photographed with the purpose of fixing the facts of placement of vehicles in the paid parking zone. Information from the terminal of the LLP “Almaty special technical parking service” comes to the center of operational management of DIA of the city. In the case of non-payment, the material on the administrative and legal violation is generated automatically for subsequent discharge of the fine and sending it via mailing. The human factor is completely eliminated as all direct payments to the inspector are prohibited.

The cost of paid parking is 100 tenge per hour; first 15 minutes of parking are free of charge. The parking fee is prepaid before the start of the parking session. You have to pay for within 15 minutes after stopping. The automated payment methods via SMS to the short number 7757, via the web portal “aparking.kz”, through the mobile application “Almaty Parking” (and the parking meters installed in the parking areas are also available for car owners. Each transaction is instantly recorded and displayed in the system of the Department of State Revenues. When you pay for parking via SMS or the mobile application “Almaty Parking”, it is billed per minute, that is, if the driver leaves the parking lot before the paid time, the money for unused parking time is saved in the parking account and can be used to pay for next parking sessions.

The paid parking area provides for a system of benefits for vehicles driven by disabled people, veterans, and persons equated to them. Parking for electric vehicles is free, too. Besides, benefits are provided for the citizens residing in the paid parking zone area. Local residents will be granted resident permits for free parking at night and annual discount passes for parking 24/7.

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