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June 28. The “Nur Otan” Almaty branch has been replenished with new members

June 28. The “Nur Otan” Almaty branch has been replenished with new members

Today the Head of the Almaty City Branch of the “Nur Otan” Party, Mayor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek has presented 7 new party members with the party-membership cards.

“It is good to see that the number of members of the “Nur Otan” party is constantly growing, while great attention is paid to the qualitative composition of the party members. You will become active participants in the implementation of the state course of Yelbasy. Each of you has achieved some success in their fields, has an active civil position, so joining the party has been your own conscious decision”, - Bauyrzhan Baybek said.

The Mayor emphasized that the work of the party depends directly on local functionaries that is on primary party organizations and regional branches. For example, the heads of local executive bodies and deputies of maslikhat have held more than 300 meetings with citizens in the public reception offices in Almaty and the district branches of the party; aid has been provided to about 2.5 thousands visitors only for 5 months of the current year.

“Our task on behalf of the President - the Leader of the Party Nursultan Nazarbayev - is to create the conditions on improvement of the lives of citizens. This is not an easy task. The party is a political force, an NGO, an intermediary between the government and the people. The task of all party members and the newest members is to ask the citizens about their problems and to solve them through the party mechanisms; to monitor the implementation of government programs, the efficiency of budgetary funds expenditure, thereby to raise the standards of living of the population”, - the Chairman of the Almaty City Branch of the “Nur Otan” Party said.

We should note that 3 of the new 7 party members are women. The qualitative composition is represented by the workers in the areas of health, education, business, etc. The event was held in the office of the Bostandyk district branch of “Nur Otan”, where all the necessary conditions for reception of citizens were established, including for people with restricted mobility. Now, 7 of 8 districts of the city have their own buildings of the party branches, and it is planned to open a new one in the Nauryzbai district soon. Thus, one of the key priorities of the program of development of Almaty until 2020 called “Polycentric city” is being realized. Today there are 78 862 members and 705 primary party organizations in the “Nur Otan” party in Almaty. 

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