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Wednesday, 21 october 2020
«Almaty– 2020» development program

Almaty is the biggest city of the country,it is the cradle of Kazakhstan’s independence. Exactly in Almaty there was adopted the Constitution and the state symbols were confirmed. The most important fateful decisions were realized there.

Nowadays Almaty is the biggest economical center of Kazakhstan. In the condition of unstable economic situation,the city stays as more perspective investment area for business initiative.

Nowadays Almaty supplies 20,9% of GDP countrywide,32% of all taxes and non-tax revenues, 41% of all trade operations engaging in work for 15% of the country’s working people. 40% of all deposits, credits, retail and wholesale turnovers are for the share of the city.

The Almaty city’s GRP according to the result of 2014 was 29000 USA dollars. It is the level of the capitals and the biggest cities of the Central and Eastern Europe. Each year the level of standard of living is improving, the medium average of citizen’s life expectancy is rising and, nowadays, it is about 74 years.

By being the biggest and more developed metropolis of the Central-Asian region, Almaty has established as the central accommodation of international organization agencies, the financial institutions and the biggest companies. A considerable potential for international partnership is opened within the framework of Eurasian economic alliance and the World’s trade organization.

As the international research shows that nowadays the half of the world’s population lives in the city. To 2030, the share of the city’s population will be 60% or 5 billion people. A city is the main engine of the world’s economic growth and productivity. The city is the biggest consumer of resources and the source of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the welfare of the most population of the world is up to the development of the city.

With considering of the global context and the modern tendency of the development, the main task of Almaty is to stay and be one of the drivers of the economic growth of Kazakhstan, supplying the resident’s high standard of living. Almaty must be the key factor of ambitious aim’s achievement in entering of Kazakhstan in the list of 30 competitive countries of the world to 2050 years set in the strategy«Kazakhstan–2050» by Kazakhstan Republic’s President, Elbasy,(The Head of the State) Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev.

An instrument of gaining the aimed purpose is the five year’s development program «Almaty-2020» , which has been elaborated in accordance with the strategic and programmed documents of the country. The main realization of the program is the five institutional reforms and the nation’s plan «100 concrete steps» of Elbasy.

There have been written the main indicators, principles, priorities and also the instruments, the mechanisms of achieving the target in the program.

In the executive committee of Almaty there has been the meeting of working group for discussion of «Almaty 2020» development program.

With the purpose of refinement and taking into account the opinions and suggestions of the population, in Almaty there has been an open discussion of the program. Particularly with the representatives of: the civil societies, the trade unions, industry organizations, the directors of the 2 level banks ,finance organizations, education spheres, the health care, the mass media, the bloggers, the graduates of «Bolashak» program, the culture representatives, the sport communities, the experts,the directors of the biggest industrial companies,SMEs, the university rectors, the youth, the ethno cultural associations, the pensioners,KCC and the others.

So, until this moment there have been 90 thematic meeting with 12,500 people participation. Indirect coverage of the population was 417000 people. By the result of the meeting, there have been received 900 suggestions, responses and recommendations. There has also been opened a special electronic address almaty2020@a-a.kz , which has had 478 suggestions.

Besides it, there was founded a public council, which consisted of the public opinion’s leaders, the NGO directors, the business association’s representatives, «Nur Otan » leaders, the deputies of maslikhat and the state bodies.

During the meeting, the governor of the Almaty city Bauyrzhan Baibek mentioned: « An analysis has shown that the concerned citizens called to improve the ecological situation in the city, the service of the public transport, street’s lighting system, to regulate the illegal parking-lots, the storm sewages, to settle down the problems of the city districts which have been the region’s parts before, to decrease the corruption level and breaking the law, to establish a public commission under the direction of the executive committee with the citizen’s participation of an active civil position. All these moments have been included according to the items of new program, in which all the suggestions will be realized. The suggestion which has had not the conceptual, but a real character will be taken into account during the elaboration of the plan activities for program implementation.

Besides it, during the meeting had a speech: Zhanna Tulegenova, the representative of the company "McKinsey & Company", Sergey Kiselev, the rector of the KazNU. al-Farabi Galymkair Mutanov, chairman of the student council "Almaty Management University" Diana Kulakeeva, chairman of the disabled people "Namys" Kairat Imanaliev and others.


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