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Wednesday, 21 october 2020
20 july 2020
The Almaty Stabilization Fund received another batch of anti-COVID-19 drugs
18 july 2020
A batch of anti-COVID-19 drugs were delivered to Almaty
02 july 2020
State Commission approves measures to stabilize epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan
30 june 2020
Additional quarantine measures are being developed in Almaty
28 june 2020
B. Sagintayev congratulated journalists on their professional holiday
23 june 2020
Almaty patrons and volunteers were awarded with the Khalyk Algysy medal
22 june 2020
Projects to improve the ecological state of the city were announced by the Almaty Akimat
22 june 2020
257 thousand seedlings will be planted in Almaty
30 may 2020
Antikorortalygy service center was launched in Almaty
28 may 2020
During the online reception of Sagintayev, citizens proposed digital solutions to urban issues

Article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe”


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