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Tuesday, 21 november 2017
The dombra of Akan sery has sounded in Almaty after a century
07 september 2017

In Almaty in the concert hall of the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments named after Ikhlas the dombra of a poet, a singer and a composer of Akan sery Koramsauly has sounded for the first time. The musical instrument of the Kazakh national poet, which has the centuries-old history, has been transferred to the Museum's fund by descendants of the famous writer Saken Zhunusov.

During the creative evening, representatives of traditional music performed famous works of the poet "Shamshykamar", "Manmanger", "Balkadisha", and Erlan Tuleutay played the product "Syrymbet" on the dombra of Akan Sery.

Almaty’s governor Bauyrzhan Baibek noted that the program article of the Head of State "Ruhani Jangyru" pays a much attention to the preservation of its own culture and national code, which will show the world the cultural achievements of the country.

"Since the day of gaining Independence due to the wise policy of the Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev, the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people is reviving. A striking example of this is that for today the Museum has more than 100 folk musical instruments and relics, which every year is replenished with new exhibits. Today we are witnessing a historic event, the house of the great poet Akan Sery was transferred to the fund of the Museum named after Ikhlas," said Bauyrzhan Baibek.

Only in the last two years the Alatau theater of traditional art, the multimedia center of traditional music, the new center of craftsmen, as well as the Museum of thousand-year history of Almaty were opened in Almaty, 5 aityses were held, including. festival of akyns "Altyn dombra", festival of national sports "Uly dala rukhy", etc.

In the musical evening, held in the framework of celebrating the Day of the city of Almaty, participated cultural figures and artists, representatives of the public, youth,

Akan sery is a unique personality in the Kazakh song art. He was born in 1843 in the village of Koskol, now the village of Akan-Sery in Ayyrtau district of the North-Kazakhstan region. Akan Sery was distinguished by a strong voice, from a young age he stood out as a craving for music and poetry. He made a significant contribution to the formation and development of national art. A two-volume novel was released about the life of the great poet, authored by writer Saken Zhunusov.

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